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What others are saying

“Because of the edits made by Joy Moore I am having very good responses to those who have bought the book and are coming back to buy more."

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-Coreen Di Prinzio


"With Joy's help, I submitted a poetry story to

Jackie's Spring Poetry and Verse competition

and was rewarded with 2nd place. I wanted to say a

huge thank you to Joy for her invaluable skill in critiquing.

I couldn't have gotten this far without her help."


Writer and Poet

“Your feedback was everything I was hoping for from an edit! 

Thank you for putting into words what I felt but couldn't put my finger on. 

You truly have a gift! I couldn't be happier with your suggestions!

-Erin Mitra


“I was pleased with the efficiency and cordiality in her

communication. I would certainly use her service again (and

recommend her)."

-Jay Reese

Writer and Poet

"I was lucky enough to find Joy on an internet

forum where she generously offered to read

through my work.

It is clear that she knows what she is talking about and

communicated her opinions in a professional, supportive

and constructive way.

I would have no hesitation recommending Joy and would

happily send more of my manuscripts her way."


Writer and Poet

"This was an awesome critique, you've

helped me a lot and given me a bit of hope!"


Writer and Poet

"This has been one of the most thoughtful

critiques I have ever received. I cannot thank

you enough."

-Lacy Blaise

Writer and Poet

"I have had the pleasure of working

with Joy Moore and have always

been impressed by her understanding of rhyme

and meter, as well as her creative writing style. It is a privilege

to be able to read Joy's work and I get excited each time I get

the opportunity to do so."


Author and Poet

"Thank you for the most in depth review that I

have ever had."

-Albert Austin

Writer and Poet

"Your feedback was outstanding, I really appreciated

your knowledge of meter and rhyme, and your

suggestions for improvement were excellent."

-Frank Wilson McColl

Writer and Poet

"The critique was well done, and

I'm glad you took the time to

show me more about rhyme."

-Jen McNamara

Writer and Poet

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