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Poetry Critiques and Edits

I have critiqued hundreds of manuscripts. I come with a fresh eye and can take your story to the next level. 


My poetry edits include:

  • A rhyming scansion

  • Wording and diction suggestions

  • An audio recording

  • My turn around time is 7-10 days

I strongly suggest you know the basics of rhythm and meter. Why? While I am good at scansion and wording suggestions, I am not a ghost writer. If I have to rewrite a stanza to improve the meter, that is called ghost writing. This is your story and not mine. Nothing can discourage an author more when their story comes back changed from what they intended it to be.


Why is a audio recording important? As authors we stare at our manuscript so long we become blind to its weaknesses. As an author who writes in rhyme, I know we can also anticipate the meter. It is always a good idea to hear someone else read it. Then it becomes apparent what is tripping the story up.


My picture book edits include:


  • A developmental overlook

  • Pacing

  • Plot

  • Tension

  • Page turns

  • Voice

  • Point of view

  • Line edits

  • Grammar

  • Diction and vocabulary

I strongly suggest you have a critique group. Why? Because a critique group will help you with the basics. Why should you pay for something that others can tell you for free? I will catch everything they have missed.


I will first give you a developmental edit. My turn around time is 7 - 10 days. When you have revised, send it to me once again. I will then proceed to a line edit. My turn around time is once again 7 - 10 days. Both of these options are included in the same price of $35.00. 


Please send me a message on the contact page. Tell me a bit of what your manuscript is about. I will then get back to you to let you know when I have an opening.


Please do not send holiday, religious, magic or fairy inspired stories. I reserve the right to refuse any manuscript.  


If you think that we will be a right fit, all you have to do is click on the EDITORIAL first & second look button below. You will see a shopping cart on the upper right. Click on that, and then you can pay by PayPal or your own Credit Card.


I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. No worries!


Let's make something beautiful together! 

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