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Here is how it all began. . .

Joy Moore’s writing journey began at the age of eight. She wrote a short story series. She asked her family to read story after story after story after story. . .


Her first published article was in her junior high school newspaper. She was thrilled and showed it to her friends. They said, “Ho hum.” She ran to show it to her family. They thinking she was a normal child and that she should get outside and do all things normal, asked her to stop. This made her think that writing was for those who are special. She was average in every sense of the word. Who was she to think she could pursue this grand thing? 


This led to the writing is secret period. When no one was looking, she took secret writing courses. She traversed many a rabbit hole, exploring differing paths. One of these secret writing courses was a poetry course. That was the course that changed her trajectory.


Over time Joy Moore realized that she enjoyed helping others. That is why she enrolled in editorial courses that specialize in poetry picture books. Would you like an editorial critique? Pop on over to her editorial/critiques page.

Published Works
Professional Development
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